RKC Journeys Enterprise, LLC or JourneysEnterprise.com for  its web presence is a company owned by Bob Casey. It is the  parent company of Poetical Journeys, Journeys Publishing, and Journey 4 Health Now. Each serves as it own entity with its own mission. However, all fiscal services and tax related issues pass through the parent company.

Bob's original web site, Poetical Journeys, started in 2000. Its focus was, as delineated in the name, on his poetry. However, shortly after its inception, a monthly ezine was developed entitled the Poetical Journal, at one time the largest privately owned online subscription poetry newsletter in the world. As the newsletter evolved over the years reaching subscribers in all fifty states and seventy-two countries, greater emphasis was placed on vignettes, travel, recommendations, and photogra

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In late 2008, Bob decided the time had arrived to expand his base and create a new site. He finally chose the name, “Journeys Publishing.” After a series of tentative starts, the site went online to the public in January of 2010. Its primary purpose is to help individuals with self-publishing.

The third entity, Journey 4 Your Health Now is fully operational. Its focus is on natural health and healing with a primary emphasis on tai chi and chi gong, specifically Dr. Paul Lam's Tai Chi for Health (TCH) model. Bob is a senior certified TCH instructor and teaches numerous classes weekly. He also teaches Sun 73 and Yang 24.

His overall intent with these entities can be summarized by his personal mission.
 It is taken from a quote by former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt,

 . . . I know I have faltered; I know I have stumbled; but as the strength was given me, I strove to use it, I strove to leave the world better and not worse because I have lived in it.

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Journeys  Publishing
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